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Espacio Vital Global is a center dedicated to transforming lives   through experiential workshops; by enlistment the most people in the shortest time possible, providing tools and strategies that allow to live a full life.

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Reactions are patterns of learned behaviors. Take the opportunity to reclaim your true self. 

You are not

your reactions

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Basic + Advance + LP + PhD + Children
Juvenile + 4th Weekend + Ontological Coaching


Basic + Advance + LP + PhD + Juvenile
4th Weekend + Ontological Coaching


Basic + Advance + LP

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so you can build it

“Hasta el día de hoy sigo creando posibilidades de lo imposible. En mi taller básico descubrí que funciona y que no funciona, en mi avanzado saque desde raíz lo que no funciono, reforcé lo que funciono. Mi visión es que cada ser humano tenga la oportunidad de transformar sus vidas y la de sus familias” 

Perla Bacahui

Co-Founder ~ Director







Transformation workshops

Basic workshop

Center highly efficient in leading the human being in all areas of its life positively contributing and impacting their family, their community and the world.



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Discovering the love in you...

With your new set of tools, you’ll be able to put it all into practice as you redesign and expand your vision for your life, relationships, and purpose.

These 4 days could easily be the most powerful days of your life. You will learn how to transform deeply-rooted patterns and beliefs from your past so you can break through your fears of success, failure, intimacy, commitment, self expression, change, creativity, and responsibility.

Through this transformational part of your journey, you will master time management, goal-setting, empowering others, self love, and effective communication. There isn’t another experience quite like this on the planet! Get ready to launch into yet another level of being your best self as you prepare for what’s next.

Advance workshop

Breakthrough barriers...

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*Espacio Vital Global is not an accredited by the Department of Education of the United States. The results are not guaranteed. Some exercises could cause emotional and/or physical discomfort to the participant.

(Some workshops are in Spanish with English translation)

This introduction to our four-month transformational curriculum sets the stage for the rest of your life. It’s an environment that provides an opportunity for you to create a new perspective about who you are and what you’re truly capable of. In just 3 days, you will develop a new set of tools that will support you in any challenge, guide you within any relationship, and elevate you to your own personal next level.

Through a series of experiential exercises, games, and inspiring lectures, you will be able to clearly see what has been holding you back from living at your utmost desired level. Any lingering resentment, limiting beliefs, communication blocks, or self doubt that may be holding you back will begin to fade away as you experience being more powerful than any given situation.

For personal development veterans, this is the perfect restart button for you on your continuing journey. Each participant has an equal opportunity to get massive value from this life-enhancing experience.

Michael Strasner | Advance Coach
Transformational Coach and Trainer.
#1 Best Selling Author of Living on the Skinny Branches

Chris Lee | Basic Coach
Transformational facilitator, coach and tv and radio personality.
Author of Transform your life.


Phoenix, Arizona